July 10, 2020

About Us

Who We Are

Circle of Care is a voluntary community-based care management organization that serves youth and families who have intense behavioral challenges, substance use challenges, and/or developmental challenges for no fee. 

What We Do

Once you are enrolled with COC via Performcare, a Care Manager will be assigned to you and your family. They will assist you with developing a plan that identifies the challenges you are having and strategies to alleviate those challenges.  Since COC follows the WRAPAround Philosophy, the Care Manager will be discussing the development of a Child Family Team (CFT) to wrap supports and services around you and your family to help you succeed.

The Child and Family Team (CFT) is crucial to the WRAPAround philosophy. The Team helps families help themselves. The COC Care Manager will provide the structure for the Team meetings by producing an agreed upon Individual Service Plan where each CFT member plays a part in ensuring the plan is successful. Learn more about the Child and Family Team here.

The Child & Family Team (CFT) includes “natural” and “formal” supports who are involved with the family and play an important role in the child’s life. Natural or informal supports may include relatives, clergy, friends, neighbors, and coaches. Formal supports may include therapists, teachers, probation officers, or other professionals who are current or potential service providers to the family.

The youth is a key member of the Team and must take ownership of the ISP (along with their caregiver) in order for it to succeed. All team members are required to commit to doing “whatever it takes” to help the child and the family achieve positive outcomes. Family preferences, culture, and values determine the size and composition of the Team. The Team will evolve over time as the family’s relationships, interests, and needs change.

The CFT’s ultimate objective is to develop, update, and follow the ISP based upon wraparound values and strength-based planning. The ISP will address all areas of the child’s life, including family interactions, safety concerns, emotional/psychological supports, educational objectives, legal issues, and medical concerns. Services cannot be authorized without an ISP.  Ideally, children will work with COC on a short-term basis, but the “length of stay” can vary depending on the child and family circumstances.

Click here to learn more about the WRAPAround philosophy.

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